Tips from a landscaper ( part 1)

Everybody wants to have lovely lawn, with gorgeous plants and place where he can rest. The well maintained yard increases the value of the property. That’s why lots of people prefer to invest some time and money in it. We have made a list of “secrets” that most landscapers wont tell you.

The red mulch that lots of people prefer.

It is recommended to do not install it in you property, if you have any kids or pets. The mulch consists harsh chemicals such as arsenic. The contact with them could be harmful for the little members of your family.

The view

another important think is the way how your lawn looks. We all want to have gorgeous lawn and everybody to get envious when passes near our property but it is also important to make it looking good even when you are watching from inside the house. If your property has big enough window, make it sure that the view from it is as good as the view from the street.

You can always ask a professional company such as Langton Group in Woodstock, IL for a reliable advice. The company has well trained and experienced landscaper who can make you a thorough analyse of your yard and can offer you how to make it more green and lush.