Tips from a landscaper ( part 2)

The easiest way to have a lovely front yard is to contact a professional landscaper and he to do the task for you. Langton Group has prepared a list of “To Do’s” and “Not To Do’s” so here is a part of it. Check it and if you feel that you can not handle the problems you can still contact Langton Group at (815) 338-2630 and get an estimate.

The mower bag

It is a good idea to remove the mover bag. The grass clippings are going to be outstanding food for the earthworms and the microbes which lives in the ground. They are going to help you with the providing a healthy and green lawn.

The space

Do not try to fill every inch of your yard with plants or flowers. Yes it is going to be good looking but till the next spring you are going to have a weeding and pruning disaster all over your place.

No matter what you are doing with your lawn, DIY or hire a landscaper you must think about the safety of your family members, so do not put so tall plants near the end of your yard. This is going to block the view of the street and the coming traffic.