Tips from a landscaper ( part 3)

When you hire a professional landscaping service provider you are releasing a great stress from your shoulders. The reliable landscaping companies have a great amount of plants and flowers to offer you for your yard. A landscapers like these at Langton Group can provide you with the utmost services if you are located in Woodstock, IL area.


When you are thinking for the design of your yard you have to consider for the proper garden flowers. For more good looking experience you can choose colors that are opposite each other. Planting them in this way you can enjoy to every single flower, because they are going to be visible. You can choose color schemes like purple and yellow, or red and white, they look beautiful together.

The flowers

If you find a plant/flower that you really like, always buy more than one. When you talk with your landscaper and he show you the design of you you will see that when you have spots with odd number of flowers it looks better. You can have spots with five, seven or nine number of flowers or even you can repeat the grouping throughout the landscape for more unique design.

Flowers’ Tip

When you are looking for a plants you can think about a plant called Purple Loose-Strife orĀ  Lythrum Salicaria. It still could be found in a lot of nurseries. It is not expensive and has a gorgeous flower. This is invasive plant and will spread everywhere in your yard and will choke out other unwanted plants.

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