Tips from a landscaper (part 6)

Langton Group has some more tips for you. The professional landscaping contractors like Langton Group will offer you some great solutions for your lawn and plants. If you have any problems with weeds or unwanted trees of flowers you can contact a reputable landscaping contractor and they are going to help you with the issue that you have.

Bagging leaves

If you hate to do this exercise Langton Group can share you one trick. You don’t have to do it. If there is a light layer go over them with the mower and leave them on the lawn, just like the grass parts from the earlier tips that we’ve posted. As they break down they will prevent or at least limit the popping weeds.


You have to be careful with them. Most of them have at about 30% nitrogen. If you are going to do it yourself you must search for a fertilizers with time releasing water-insoluble nitrogen. It is recommended to be used only twice a year on a schedule. You can make it in a schedule like on Memorial Day and after Labor Day. If you have older or well-irrigated lawn you will need less fertilizer.


If you don’t have a big budget you can hire a professional landscaping company to help you with the design of your lawn. if you choose this option you can save money from making costly mistakes like planting at the wrong spots.

A professional landscaper in the background is always something good. Companies like Langton Group spend time and money in training their employees to reach the best results.